Motel Livin' physical CD

Buy a physical copy of Motel Livin' directly from me! I'll also sign it!

Shawn Williams Physical "Shadow" CD

Buy a physical CD directly from me! I'll sign it!


Rock Shawn and her genre 'alt-rocka countrybilly serial killer blues" on your body! Comes in v-neck and regular cut!

Shawn Williams Trucker Hats

Rock your head (and the voices in it) with Shawn Williams - Alt-rocka countrybilly serial killer blues.  Black, mesh back, foam front.


Rock Shawn on your body!

Shawn Williams Sticker

Stick Shawn Williams on your Car, Helmet, Phone, Laptop, Someone Else, Guitar Case, Trashcan, Notebook of Wonderful Things You Wrote About Stalking Shawn, Yadda.